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Chevalier De Bayard Royal 2019

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This wine comes from the d'Oc area in Southern France, where in ancient times they spoke Occitan and where Oc meant yes. The wine is named after France's valiant knight (chevalier in French), Pierre de Terreil, who was born at the Bayard castle at Grenoble and came to the French court in 1489.

A knight without fear and beyond reproach, Pierre Terrail, or simply the Chevalier de Bayard would no doubt be proud to drink this wine that bears his name. Our Chevalier de Bayard has always had the particular ability to cater to most wine drinkers’ tastes, and the 2019 Royal version will be the same.

Produced from only Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which have given the wine an excellent depth of flavour, and looking terrific with a regal silver label, this is a wine for all occasions.

The Bayard Royal has vibrant berry fruit colours to the eye, rich and elegant flavours of plums and damsons which are followed by a delicately smooth finish.


Country: France 2019
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 12.5%
Food Pairing: Pate, brie, Camembert, chicken or on its own.