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Red wine

Lautarul Pinot Noir, 2020 (1x75cl)

Lautarul Pinot Noir, 2020 (1x75cl)

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We sometimes have a bet that no one can guess the cost of the wine when tasted blind - with this absolute beauty we were all well out! A classic everyday drinking Pinot Noir with atypical soft red fruits, mature nose and all enveloping, sensual lush structure, it just grows and grows in the glass. Fantastic value for money.

Pinot Noir
Deep red, full bodied and athletic, despite the feminine notes that emanate from this wine both in aroma and flavour. Built around a core of juicy fruits (grapes, sour cherries and is dominated by sweet sensations of ripe cherry and raspberry, medium length, velvety and refreshing with notes of eucalyptus.

Lautarul represents an ancient Romanian tradition of highly talented folk musicians, who represent the absolute essential spirit of music,- acomplished musicians and song writers playing passionate, intense music played on real instruments. Their songs of love, tragedy and pain,- are a haunting and beautiful testament to the hard life and suffering which the Romanian people have lived through in the last centuries. Every time Lautarii play music, - wine is consumed by the band and their audience, so this our tribute to these passionate musicians and their heartfelt music.



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