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Pinot Grigio Portenova 2019

Pinot Grigio Portenova 2019

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A wide and temperate agricultural region stretching from Venice to Verona and north to the Alpine foothills. In the west around Lake Garda, are the important generic wines - Valpolicella, Soave and Bardolino. Much of Italy`s commercial Pinot Grigio and Merlot is grown further east, but the Glera grape makes the region`s distinctly fashionable sparkling wine, Prosecco. However the recent popularity of Amarone and Ripasso has really re-established this region as one of Italy best wine growing areas and quality is out of all recognition from the light carafe wines of the early 80`s.
Sacchetto was set up in the early 1900`s by Sisto Sacchetto and is still family run to this day. Today, the company is in the hands of Paolo and Beatrice Sacchetto, Sisto’s grandchildren. Paolo as winemaker is extremely passionate about his wines. He oversees all aspects of the winemaking process and aims to produce the best possible examples of wines for which the region is famous.
Tasting Notes
This is a typical Pinot Grigio from northeast Italy made by the excellent Verona. A brilliant straw yellow in colour with an elegant perfume of acacia flowers, almonds and dried fruit. A soft, well-balanced palate combines citrus, exotic fruit and fresh apples. Elegant and dry with a crisp, citrus acidity and a medium finish.
An ideal accompaniment to hors d`ouvres, fish dishes, soups and white meats.

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