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Pink Trio Special 6x75cl

Pink Trio Special 6x75cl

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2 x Whispering Angel 75cl

2 x Miraflors Lafage 75cl

2 x Ultimate Provence 75cl

Whispering Angel 13%

Whispering Angel is a benchmark of classic Côtes de Provence rosé. Adored by wine lovers around the world, the wine has evocative flavours of grapefruit and citrus combined with refreshing acidity.

Miraflors Domaine Lafage 12.5%

Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rosé IGP Côtes Catalanes is a beautiful, salmon pink rosé that is produced in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France. This wine is a blend of 70% Mourvèdre and 30% Grenache Gris, which creates a delicate balance of fruity and floral notes on the palate. The wine exudes fresh aromas of ripe strawberries, watermelon, and blood orange, complimented by floral undertones of rose petals and jasmine. This wine has a crisp and refreshing finish, which makes it perfect for enjoying in the sun with friends or as an accompaniment to seafood, salads or light pasta dishes. Overall, Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rosé IGP Côtes Catalanes is a delicious and versatile wine that is well worth trying.

Ultimate Provence 12.5%

The dry, white pepper notes come from the Syrah and the Rolle grape lends acidity, brightness and notes of citrus. Its stylish bottle adds to the sense of freshness and originality.



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