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Vino Pomona Pinot Grigio Rosé 75cl

Vino Pomona Pinot Grigio Rosé 75cl

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Minini was established in 1920 when Mr. Francesco Minini, young soldier, came back from First World War: with a little money and a great determination decided to start the wine business in a rural economy and a poor market.

At the beginning of the ‘60s the big growth of the Company forces the Mininis’ to move into a new Winery, which is still the current Headquarter, even though enlarged and restored. During all these years the Minini Family never forgot its tight link with the land, developing new cooperation projects with growers all over the main production areas of Italy.

This allowed the Family to widen the portfolio of wines to support its introduction on the International markets. Their strategy has been to source new wines from the plenty of unique ancient vineyards typical of Italy, rediscovering, with the new technologies of wine-making, the value of the Italian tradition.

Cantine Francesco Minini SPA

Region, Country
DOCC Venezie, Italy



Tasting Note
Clean and fresh with hints of bright red fruit and a crisp, refreshing palate.

Food Pairing
Perfect with fish, white meats and as aperitif.

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